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Japanese Journal of Environmental Education (JJEE) is an academic journal published by The Japanese Society for Environmental Education (JSFEE) since 1991. JSFEE has been publishing special issues of “Environmental Education in Asia” every two years. 



Call for papers: Environmental Education in Asia

The Special Issue of the Japanese Journal of Environmental Education: Environmental Education in Asia (JJEE-EEA) is an international, peer-reviewed journal, publishing high-quality, original research. We welcome any academic papers to be submitted to the next special issue of JJEE-EEA that focus on environmental education in Asia.


So far, three issues of JJEE-EEA have been published;

 [available at https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/jsoee/28/4/_contents/-char/en].

The next issues are scheduled to be published in June 2024 and then in June 2025. We welcome academic papers regarding environmental education in Asia, and to identify possible contributions Asia can offer to the global environmental education network. 


Please read the attached "Proposal for a special issue ".

The deadline for submitting the manuscript to EEA2024 is December 31, 2023 for Research article and Review article, and January 31, 2024 for Research report, Commentary, Book review, and Material (both in Japanese time). Deadline for submitting to EEA2025 will be around November of 2024.


As for the word limits and style guidelines, please refer to Submission Guidelines for Authors and Guidelines for Authors.

All submitted papers will be reviewed by reviewers, and the judgment to accept or reject will be determined by the Editorial Committee. Once the papers are accepted, they will be published as invited papers (if the authors are not members of Japanese Society for Environmental Education or members of partnered associations).

There are no submission fees or page charge for this journal as long as the papers meet requirements.


To submit your article, or if you have any questions, please send email to

int_com (at) jsfee.jp




Editor of the special issue of the Japanese Journal of Environmental Education "Environmental Education in Asia 2024" (JJEE-EEA2024)

Ryo Sakurai (Ritsumeikan University)


President of the Japanese Society for Environmental Education

Shinichi Furihata (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)


Proposal of JJEE-EEA2024

Guidelines for Authors for JJEE EEA2024

Submission Guidelines for JJEE EEA2024


Japanese Journal of Environmental Education Vol.28 (2019) No.4
The second special issue of Environmental Education in Asia

The second special issue of “Environmental Education in Asia” was published online as open-access (July 2019): JJEE Vol.28 (2019) No.4. All contents are written in English.

アジアの環境教育を取り上げた全英文の特集号第2号がJ-STAGEで発行・公開されました[環境教育 28巻4号(2019年7月)]。下記の J-STAGE のリンクからダウンロードしてご覧ください。

JJEE Vol.28 (2019) No.4
(link to the J-STAGE page)(外部リンク)

Contents are as follows:

Environmental Education Research in Asia — Exploring the possibility of international collaborative research—
Shinichi Furihata, Ryo Sakurai
p. 1-3

[Research Article]
Environmental Education Using the Oriental White Stork in Japan and the Republic of Korea
Kantaro Tabiraki, Young Sook Nam
p. 4-12

[Research Article]
Comparative Study of National Parks in East Asia as Environmental Education Institutions
Yuki Ishiyama, Yi-Hsuan Tim Hsu, Sue-Jung Jung, Sun-Kyung Lee
p. 13-20

[Review Article]
Nature-based early childhood activities as environmental education?: A review of Japanese and Australian perspectives
Michiko Inoue, Sue Elliott, Midori Mitsuhashi, Hiroe Kido
p. 21-28

[Research Article]
Value and Challenges of Resilience Education Against Natural Disasters: Comparative Research between Japan and the USA
Noriko Hata, David Allen, Minoru Kikuchi
p. 29-35

[Research Article]
Environmental Education in Higher Education Institutes in Asia - Overview of Experiences in South Korea, Malaysia, and Japan –
Sachi Ninomiya-Lim, Jinyoung Kang, Changhwan Kim, Sabrina Ho Abdullah
p. 36-43

Comparative Study on the Environmental Education Acts in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea
Masahiro Saito, Hideki Sato, Tzuchau Chang, Chankook Kim
p. 44-51

Environmental Education for Nature Conservation: Trends and Challenges in International Cooperation and Aid Assistance.
Kazunobu Suzuki, Nobuyuki Tsuji, Awangku Hassanal Bahar Pengiran Bagul, Kueh Boon-Hee
p. 52-59

[Research Article]
Comparative Study on School-Based Environmental Education in Japan and Korea
Reiko Matsubaguchi, Yeon-A Son, Toshiya Kodama, Won Jongbin
p. 60-67

[Research Article]
The Issue of Nuclear Energy in K-12 Education: Cases of National Curriculum in Japan and Korea
Chankook Kim, Shinobu Goto
p. 68-76

[Research Article]
International Collaborative Research Possibilities for Environmental Education in Asia
Kimiharu To, Tzuchau Chang, Chankook Kim, Sun-kyung Lee, Ryo Sakurai, Sachi Ninomiya-Lim, Noriko Hata, Junko Katayama, Shinichi Furihata
p. 77-84

Advancing Environmental Education Research from Asia: Why Asia?
Ryo Sakurai, Shinichi Furihata
p. 85-88


Japanese Journal of Environmental Education Vol.26 (2017) No.4
The first special issue of Environmental Education in Asia

環境教育 26巻4号(通号65号)は2017年7月にJ-STAGEで公開されました。アジアの環境教育をとりあげた全英文の特集号で、冊子形式では刊行されません。下記に示した J-STAGE のリンクからダウンロードしてご覧ください。

JJEE Vol.26 (2017) No.4, the special issue of Environmental Education in Asia was online for open-access (July 2017) .  This is an online issue and all contents are written in English.

JJEE Vol.26 (2017) No.4 
(link to the J-STAGE page)(外部リンク)

Contents are as follows:

Shinichi Furihata, Sachi Ninomiya-Lim
Environmental Education in Asia: Questions and Challenges.

[Review article]
Sun-Kyung Lee, Namsoo Kim
Environmental Education in Schools of Korea: Context, Development and Challenges.

Trai-Shar Kao, Hui-Fen Kao, Yi-Jen Tsai
The Context, Status and Challenges of Environmental Education in Formal Education in Taiwan.

Toshiya Kodama
Environmental Education in Formal Education in Japan.

Jang Meejeong, Ju Hyungson
The Past, Present and Future of Korean Social Environmental Education.

Yi-Hsuan Hsu
Learning Beyond Schools: Nonformal Environmental Education in Taiwan.

Toshihiko Ando, Megumi Noda
Non-Formal Environmental Education in Japan.

Chankook KIM
Research Trends in Environmental Education of Korea: The Past, Present, and Future.

Shih-Jang Hsu
Significant Life Experiences Affect Environmental Action: A Critical Review of Taiwanese Research.

Ko Nomura
Environmental Education Research in Japan
—A Fragmented Field of Inquiry—.

Chris Eames, Amy Cutter-Mackenzie
Backyard Perspectives: Considering a biogeographical, sociocultural and socioecological framing of environmental education in Australasia and Asia.

Arjen E.J. Wals, Joseph Weakland, Peter Blaze Corcoran
Preparing for the Ecocene: Envisioning futures for environmental and sustainability education.

[Review article]
Sachi Ninomiya-Lim, Ryo Sakurai, Chankook Kim, Tzuchau Chang, Sun-Kyung Lee, Shinichi Furihata
Sharing, Comparing, and Developing Environmental Education in Asia: For the Journey to be Continued.